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Annuities are not deposits. They are not FDIC or NCUA insured. They are not insured by any federal government agency. They are not guaranteed by any bank or savings association. Any guarantees are based on the issuing insurer’s ability to pay. The exact terms of an annuity are contained in the contracts and any attached riders, endorsements and amendments, which will control the issuing company’s contractual obligations.

There is no additional tax-deferral benefit for annuity contracts purchased in an IRA or other tax-qualified plan, since these are already afforded tax-deferred status. The earnings of annuities and any pre-tax payments are subject to taxes when withdrawn. Annuity payments or withdrawals before age 59-1/2 may be subject to a federal tax penalty of 10%.

This information provided through this website is not intended to make a recommendation that you purchase an annuity, QLAC, or deferred annuity. To determine whether an annuity is right for you, you should consult with a competent professional adviser and complete a suitability review. Products and features are subject to state availability. Limitations and exclusions may apply.


Always read any proposed annuity contract carefully and be sure all of your questions are clearly answered before making any purchase.

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